Quality Charter of AGEMA S.A.

Our mission

AGEMA’s mission is the production and handling of material for the electrification of lifting and handling equipment, notably the power supply strings.

The company makes every effort to ensure that the industrial solutions meet the customer’s requirements related to quality, performance, price and terms, thereby applying the best possible internal and external industrial capacities.

In order to fully adhere to the ISO 9001 norm, AGEMA’s management is constantly investing and putting all means to hand to continuously improve its quality management.

The mission of AGEMA’s Quality Management is to reinforce the quality culture in all local industrial processes: logistics, purchase, production. Complementary to that, suppliers’ articles must comply with the norms and applicable regulations, thus guaranteeing maximal satisfaction with the customers.

The objectives of AGEMA’s management are:

  • to maintain the quality label ISO 9001
  • to constantly motivate its staff for continued improvement
  • to continue and optimize the procedures as a whole

AGEMA’s management invites all partners to endorse this quality charter by showing active involvement and respecting the mutually agreed upon rules.

François Dupont, Managing Director

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