Quality Charter of AGEMA S.A.

Wavre, December 15, 2021

We aim the highest degree of customer satisfaction by thorough customer-responsiveness and high-quality products, delivered by a motivated and enthusiastic team.

The base of our success is the respect of our commitments, providing reliable products and quality service. That is how we have built the trust of our customers.

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers is the constant concern of all the actors of our company. Meeting our commitments is the goal of all of us, whether we belong to the operational or functional department and regardless of our level of responsibility.

That is why Agema has implemented a quality policy based on the following three axes:  :

Customer satisfaction

  • We respond maximally to our customers' demands
  • We listen to clients
  • Continuous improvement of our delivery times
  • We ensure excellent quality of our products and services
  • We ensure product compliance

The continuous development of our employees.

  • We constantly invest in the development of the skills and know-how of all our employees, without exception
  • Employees are involved in the determination of our objectives through a participatory approach

Continuous improvement of our efficiency and performance

  • Improve our internal quality level
  • Further optimization of our production flow
  • Continuous improvement of our performance and skills

Agema's management and quality manager are responsible for enforcing these provisions and promoting quality among all staff. Quality objectives are communicated to all our employees through our Management Reviews.

Our commitment :

  • We provide the necessary resources to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability of the company
  • We ensure the effectiveness of the Quality System, through the annual Management Review and by continuous sharpening of the quality objectives and strategy.
  • We provide solutions. Tailor-made, competitive, responsive and qualitative.

François Dupont, Managing Director

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